Write one sentence that summarizes each year of your life so far.

  1. Holy crap, this world is a bright and loud place!
  2. I am an older sister.
  3. I poured baby powder all over the floor, and Daddy’s not mad.
  4. We’re moving!
  5. Kindergarten is a scary place with a piano and two scary old ladies for teachers, I am not sticking around.
  6. I begin Kindergarten again, and I make a friend over our mutual love for Cheeto puffs.
  7. I found my first school crush, and he has a rattail.
  8. My crush flicks a bug off my chest, and now he’s moving to the Midwest.
  9. School sucks and kids are cruel.
  10. My new friend and I compare our growing bodies on the volleyball court at recess.
  11. I am going to be a big sister for the third time.
  12. I am getting out of elementary school, and moving to the big leagues.
  13. What a year that was.
  14. Met a guy who ignored the rampant rumors going around about my sexual orientation.
  15. Started high school.
  16. Turning sixteen was a pivotal year, and I had way too many crushes.
  17. Moved 3,000 miles across the country, to an alien place–with snow.
  18. I dropped out of high school, 9/11 happened, my Grandfather died, and I found my voice.
  19. Still fighting the powers that be, and got my first job.
  20. Unemployed, and not complaining.
  21. I turned 21 while my family was in Niagara Falls, having a horrible time.
  22. Got my second job, went to the beach for the first time in five years, met a guy online, got my first kiss and my heart broken.
  23. Still working, and still pining for that guy.
  24. Still working…for a few months.
  25. I turned 25 and contemplated where I was so far.
  26. I now live in Oregon, and I miss New Hampshire so much.
  27. Sayonara Oregon, I am going back to California!
  28. I am back where things are normal…sort of.

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