I’ve Been Quiet

I should be ashamed of the incredible lack of posting on here, but I am just wiped.  Plinky hasn’t been so helpful with topics to discuss/post, and for some damn reason, my brain isn’t functioning.

The upside is that my Holiday Season depression has passed.  Now I just have to make it through Thanksgiving, which runs a close second to Easter as my least favorite holiday.  

I have already put up and decorated my tree.  Okay, I decorated the tree today, and I had put it up on Thursday.  It’s a 3′ tall tree, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

I have been enjoying the weather.  I am a stickler for weather fitting the season.  Summer is hot, autumn is cold and crisp, winter is frigid and snowy (but we don’t get that where I live), and spring is warmer and rainy.  This whole 50s during the day, and 30s/40s at night has been fun.  Maybe not so much during the day when my feet are cold, but I spent three weeks tanning myself (I didn’t have anything else to do…literally!) and I am not quite ready to hide the feet in socks, even if my tan fades every single day, and I get slightly depressed.  When I talk about my tan, I feel like that tanorexic guy from Project Runway, Blaine.

I’ve been selling some stuff on Ebay for myself and my mom.  I haven’t had any hits or anything, and I kind of want to scream at people on Ebay to buy my stuff!  I need the money, people!

Anyways, that’s been me.  A lot of babble about nothing, maybe something of substance to someone, who knows?



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