Comparing Two Series

As promised, I have returned to compare similarities and differences between two popular Young Adult vampire book series, Vampire Academy and Twilight.


  1. Both of the main female characters are brunette and are currently in school.
  2. Both females have some dorky guy that has an unrequited crush on them, while they’re both distracted by their admiration for someone that is the polar opposite of those guys.
  3. There are bad vampires, who have no morals and kill for the sake of killing.
  4. There are also good vampires.* See below
  5. Both have parents that do give a darn about their children’s lives, even if it doesn’t appear that way to them.


  1. While Rose is in love/like with Dimitri, she doesn’t necessarily need Dimitri to thrive. She has her friends to keep her sane and focused (when Rose is focused).  As evidenced by several theses, blog posts, and just about everything else under the sun; Bella cannot even breathe without Edward being by her side. She is literally consumed by Edward’s presence, and cannot function even remotely as a sane person unless Edward is right there.
  2. Dimitri is NO Edward. Dimitri is a trained vampire hunter. The only time he’d hesitate in killing someone/vampire is if he thought that Rose was in any danger, and even then, she’d have to be fighting right beside him for that to happen. He will kill, and rarely does he feel remorse for doing it.
  3. With that said, Dimitri is not without morals. He does regret killing people, even though he kills Strigoi, which are vampires that have been coerced or willingly killed a human or turned a Moroi (which are the good vampires).
  4. In Twilight, there are the Volturi, which is an old coven of vampires that preside over all the vampires of the world, ensuring the other clans don’t turn on each other or start wars. In Vampire Academy, there is Court, where the Queen/King presides over Moroi affairs.
  5. In virtually every vampire book that exists, vampires cannot have children. We already know that Stephenie Meyer supported this idea and then went on to write Breaking Dawn.  In VA, the Dhampirs cannot have children with each other. Dhampirs (a Moroi/human hybrid) can only have children with Moroi, and usually those are fleeting relationships.
  6. The dhampir and Moroi children attend special schools together. Moroi children learn to find their special skill and then how to use it when necessary.  Dhampir children are sent to school very young to become bodyguards for the Moroi, which they’re sworn to protect.
  7. *The Moroi don’t feed on human blood for the heck of it. They do it to sustain themselves and keep up their energy. It’s almost taboo for dhampirs to find the idea of being bitten by Moroi as a beautiful thing. Most find it disgusting and have a low opinion of the humans who willingly allow themselves to be bitten.
  8. When Dimitri is bitten by Strigoi and turned into one himself, Rose is understandably distraught. But unlike Bella, she finds a reason to go on. And that is, she must kill Dimitri herself. Dimitri had her promise him that she would kill him. Rose doesn’t want to have to kill her mentor/lover, but she knows he doesn’t want to be a Strigoi and killing innocent people. And living without him is something she figures she’ll learn to deal with.

Anyways, this is just a sampling of similarities and differences. There are definitely going to be things I’ve left out, since I last read one of the books over eight months ago. I will also have drawn ire with Twilight fans who think people who pooh-pooh Bella/Stephenie Meyer are jealous and blah, blah, blah.

To those people: I am allowed to have an opinion. And opinions are not always shared by other people. I accept this, and I hope you can as well.


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