Things I Like That Guys Do: Chivalry

I know that chivalry is a rare art form amongst the male population nowadays, but it does exist.  The following is an example of why I like it.

When I was in the eighth grade, I had a crush on this guy.  His name need not be mentioned, because I want to protect his identity.  We were friends, and on our last day of school, we walked together to the Multipurpose Room (or MPR, as I will call it).  The below is what he did that I liked the most.

“He held the door open for me when we left the MPR for the last time, and walked back to the blacktop.”

What you have to understand is that most fourteen year old guys in 1998 (we were on the verge of fifteen) wouldn’t do this.  You had to have been taught that, because I only had one other guy do that for me in middle school, and that was in the seventh grade at another school across town.  And what makes this particular gesture endearing to me is that it’s old-fashioned, which is something I love very much.  When a guy holds a door open for me, whether it be a date or just a total stranger at a place of business, I always manage to smile and thank them.  Mainly, I smile brightly, and mumble what is supposed to be a ‘thank you.’

Another chivalrous thing I love is when a man puts your coat on for you.  Now this is truly an old-fashioned thing.  Because my late Grandfather Incognito (yes, that was his last name) did this once around Christmas when I was in my early teens.  He literally picked up my coat, which I had also grabbed with my own hands, and he placed it around my shoulders and held it up while I put my arms into it.  I remember being very unnerved by the action, and at the same time, I was intrigued by it.  My grandfather was an interesting man, and he had a very high opinion of me.  And I mean, high.

So a little chivalrous action goes a long way.  And you needn’t worry about whether I will accept it, because I do.  You don’t need to lay your coat over a puddle, because I like leaping over or into them.


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