Tomorrow Is Leap Day

And because there is some lore out there that women can ask men to marry them, and these men can accept, I want to list the ten male celebrities I would ask if I had the courage to do so.

  1. Jean Dujardin, French film actor best known for his Oscar-winning role in The Artist. And yes, I realize he is happily married.
  2. Eoin Macken.  Anyone who frequents this blog should not be shocked at this.  I mention him frequently, and there are a few posts about him with photos, should you be inclined to want to look at his handsome visage.
  3. Alexander Skarsgard.  For all the 6’4″, blond, Swedish hotness on two legs reasons, I choose him.
  4. Nathan Fillion.  I don’t care if he is 12 years my senior.  A man as attractive, funny, and delightful as he is should be my husband.
  5. Josh Groban.  I just love everything about him.
  6. Michael Fassbender.  He’s been in some trouble the last couple of years, for beating up an ex-girlfriend.  I am not saying I condone abuse (because I DON’T), but I also would ask him.
  7. Jim Sturgess.  Watch Across the Universe and One Day and get back to me.
  8. Gerard Butler.  I have a weakness for boys from the U.K.  Watch him talk about where his mom lives, and how he says words in Scottish Gaelic.  I melt with the sexiness of it.
  9. Shane West.  I have had a thing for him since A Walk To Remember.  But my sister has become obsessed with E.R., and I have been reintroduced to him as a doctor.
  10. And lastly, Louis Garrel.  Another French actor.

As you look over this list, you will notice one consistency: of the ten men on this list, only three are from North America.  I have a HUGE desire for men that are not American.  Or if I do like American men, they’re either gay or married.  I am just a fool for a man with an accent.


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