My Love For William Shakespeare Explained…Maybe

3/8/12: I have since gone through this blog to discover that I referenced my love for Monsieur Shakespeare on my writing blog.  Sorry about that!

As I referenced before in a post (or more, I can’t remember), I am a Shakespeare lover.

This appreciation for the Bard began one summer or autumn afternoon when I was a bored eleven or twelve-year old living in San Diego.  My dad had all these books he never read, and for some reason, this day I decided while looking at his books that I would pick up one of his volumes of Shakespeare.  I walked into my bedroom, sat on my bed, and just cracked it open.  I read over the titles, and decided that Romeo and Juliet sounded promising.  Before this moment, I didn’t know there were other dialects of English spoken at one point in history.  And I hadn’t read a play before, let alone something as intense and lengthy as Romeo and Juliet is, so I was totally perplexed at what I was reading.  I understood absolutely nothing, language-wise.  Despite this, I was intrigued.

Some several years later, I am in school learning about this play again, but I am more invested.  I have since learned the language of 15th century England, and my love for this play and Shakespeare’s works has expanded exponentially.  I now know the story of the star-crossed lovers, and the challenges they faced.  And my heart breaks for their tragic romance.  What?  I was fifteen!

I just realized I probably picked up Romeo and Juliet because of the 1995 film with Leonardo DiCaprio in it.  I was obsessed with #1 Crush by Garbage on the radio, and I knew the song was from the movie.  I never thought of that until now.

Since my teenage years, I have since read and fell in love with: Hamlet, Taming of the Shrew, and his sonnets.

As referenced in that other post, I have spent many a day analyzing the play and the underlying tones of it.  And it’s for these reasons, that I tend to be ostracized by my peers. I am bookish, I love Shakespeare (which a lot of people hate because of the prose and language), and all that.

When I was getting to know this guy I met online, we discussed Shakespeare.  At the time, I was serious about Shakespeare, and I judged people harshly for not understanding him.  This guy wanted to understand him, and poetry as a whole, and so in a flirtatious move, I said I could help him understand Shakespeare if he so desired.  He countered with a flirtatious response.

I don’t mind helping people learn Shakespeare, I’d find it fun.

I wouldn’t say that my devotion towards Shakespeare borders on obsession like the character of Mandela in 10 Things I Hate About You, but I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for him.  And if a guy knows his works, and actually likes them, I take serious interest in them.


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