A Piece of My Own Poetry

I wrote this particular piece the night I was broken up with, back in 2006.  It’s a particularly personal piece of poetry, and I feel it conveyed the pain I was feeling that day.

Feeling heartbroken,
ripped up and used.
Tossed and abandoned
Like a worn-out tissue.
My heart is mangled to pieces,
lost and askew,
And the only thing I do
Is think of you.

I know why you hurt me
And I understand.
But I do hope a little
That you feel like less of a man.

These words don’t rhyme,
or sum up what I feel.
But I am speaking to no one.
No one of appeal.

I do hope that someday
We both get what we want,
A little bit of heaven,
And maybe a little runt.

So my dearest ____,
I wrote this poem to you,
A little bit of venting
For how I feel for you.

-Written January 14, 2006 at 10:42 pm


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