The Nutcracker

I know it’s the wrong time of year to be talking about The Nutcracker, since it’s generally associated with Christmas, but I was just reminded of it.

I have had a love for this ballet since I was a child. I caught it on TV one Christmas day, when I was around eight years old. And though I thought the woman who played Clara and the guy playing the Nutcracker were ugly, I loved the music and the dancing. And then I grew up, and read about the actual story of the ballet, and I fell more in love with it. I have searched high and low for several years to find the actual version of the ballet I’d seen on PBS so many years ago (it’s been about 21 years–yikes, I am old), and I finally found it on Netflix last Christmas season. I didn’t remember the narration through it, but I remembered the actor playing Drosselmeyer, so I knew it was the right version.

I had the extreme excitement of being able to see it in 2010, at a tiny auditorium* in Oregon, performed by the company of the Eugene Ballet Company. I went with my youngest sister, who was fighting a headache at the time, and ballet really isn’t her thing unless it’s the movie, Center Stage. Even though the seats were ridiculously too close to each other, and the aisles in the seating area allowed you no movement to let people pass without contorting yourself into a pretzel, I had an awesome time. I literally felt myself go from being twenty-seven to eight-years old again. I have always enjoyed the live arts, so seeing The Nutcracker live was an experience I shall treasure.

Is there anything you enjoy seeing live? I am a huge fan of concerts, live theatre, and anything dance-related. Leave answers in the comments.

*I should add that the ballet company was doing traveling shows, so I was not at the auditorium where the company usually performed. I was in a high school auditorium that was built in the 1920s, with no expectation that the town would grow.


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