Watching In Silence

He watches in silence
From across the way,
As she dips her toes into the pool.
She looks so serene as the water
Dances around her feet and legs.

He contemplates talking to her
But hesitates,
Thinking she is far too pretty to be with him.
He wonders,
“Should I take a chance?”

As she sits there,
With her toes in the water;
She looks coyly at him.
She hopes he will talk to her.
“He probably thinks I am strange,
Sitting here, with only my feet in the water.”
Behind her sunglasses, she can hide.

The man decides to take a chance.
“Why not?” He says.
As she watches him approach,
Her heartbeat quickens.
He asks to sit beside her
And dangles his feet in the pool.

A romance may begin at the side of the pool.

-3:52 pm 5/20/12


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