A Poem

The rain pelts incessantly.
Street lights illuminate the rain as it falls.
I look out the window,
Through water droplets that collect like snowflakes.

I wish I could see the moon.
The moon whose light
Awakens my soul.
I smell the rain,
And I am calm.

Random thoughts come and go.
I wonder where I’ll be in a year.
Trapped in the silence,
Or free as a bird.

Love is an illusion,
Boyfriends are imaginary.
Kisses a thing of the past.
My heart and soul long to be touched.

The night-time is when things happen.
The world changes,
And I change with it.

Even if only in my mind.

-9:52 pm


3 Replies to “A Poem”

    1. Thank you. I was inspired by looking out my bedroom window at a street light, waiting for the rain that is coming.

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