Adventures With the iPhone–Part Deux

So, I have now had my iPhone for a month.  And up until last night, there were no problems.

Last night, I was browsing the App Store, and I decided to turn on Genius, so I could get recommendations for apps.  When I did this, the App Store locked up.  I immediately googled this, and figured out how to turn Genius off, which then caused all my settings to be reset.  After fixing it, I rearranged all my stuff.

And then tonight, I went to grab my t-shirt out of the dryer, and I was playing a rousing game of Mah Jong, which I just hit the lock button and went to the garage.  I come back to my room, and my iPhone will not unlock.  I thought it might need to be charged, so I plugged it in, hoping that would work.


Now, I am panicking.  I am unemployed, and my parents put me on their phone plan, so I knew I would be in deep shit if the phone broke. My sister had a similar problem with her old phone and playing Angry Birds, so I knew what their reaction would be.  I turn on my laptop (the one time I am glad my computer hasn’t crapped out on me), and again Google how to fix this issue.  I again restart/reset the phone, and all is well.

First thing I did was delete the Mah Jong game, which sucked since I was on level 6. But I cannot take chances with this phone, since my parents nor I cannot afford to replace it.

Besides that, the phone is an extension of my right hand. I now am an active member of Instagram, and I spend more time on the phone than I do on my computer (which I am typing on now).


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