New Photos of Me

I got my hair cut over the weekend.

I went from this:

To this:

For me, this is a drastic cut. I haven’t cut my hair that short since I was nineteen, if that. The last time I remember my hair being this short was when I was sixteen, and in high school (damn you, Britney Spears!). I wanted a change, something that made me look less of a teenager, since I will turn 29 next month. I have phantom hair syndrome at the moment. I still pull my hair out from collars on my shirts and dresses, even though my hair is short enough that I don’t have to. It’s a good change, while it’s straight. I am washing it tomorrow (yes, I am gross and didn’t wash my hair for several days, BITE ME), and letting it go natural (my hair is naturally curly/wavy), and we’ll see how much pouf happens when it kinks up.

The upside is that I know what to do with my curls as opposed to when I was a teenager and didn’t put ANYTHING into it except shampoo and conditioner.

Here’s some more photos I took over the past couple of days (beware: they might be dorky and funny):


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