Places I’d Love to Go

In the spirit of travel and places I love, here are the places I would love to travel to.

  • Dublin, Ireland-I have always wanted to go to Ireland. My ancestors on my dad’s side came to New York from County Ulster in the 1850s. Even though County Ulster is in Northern Ireland, there is this pull to Dublin. Through many photographs, it looks absolutely stunning. I want to visit the cliffs of Howth, go to Dún Laoghaire, and just walk around the city itself.
  • Paris, France-France has had its claws in me since Elementary School and learning about the French Revolution. To stand in the Place de Concorde, where Marie Antoinette and countless others were beheaded would be like a religious experience for me. Actually, there are several places in France that would be on the same level: Palace at Versailles, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre; to name a few.
  • London, England-Everywhere in London I must visit. I need a separate post for all the places in London I need to visit. I am a HUGE history buff, and English history is a huge religious experience. And if I can touch the history itself (I thrive off of tactile stimulation–especially in historical places), even better.
  • Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Glasgow, Scotland-I have ancestry from many many centuries ago from Scotland. My ancestors at one point owned Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeen, before it was taken from us in the 17th century.
  • Italy-My great-grandfather on my mom’s side came from Messina, Sicily. I have a strong tie to my Italian roots, since I inherited the Mediterranean traits. I also love my Irish side, I just am more Italian. I would love to visit Rome and Tuscany.
  • Hawaii-I am a huge beach baby. And I have yet to see the crystalline waters of Hawaii, and the beautiful sunsets. I know all about the tropical climate which would wreak havoc on my naturally curly locks, but I cannot resist visiting Hawaii. Ideally I’d like to visit Oahu and Kauai, since the Big Island is touristy.

Now the problem with going to places like England, Ireland, or Scotland is this annoying trait of mine where I adapt to an accent within seconds. It’s not something I want to control, to be honest, but I try to because people are sensitive to Americans making light of them. And I really have to work hard not to emulate the accents, as proven on a trip to San Francisco last August. I walked past an Australian man, and the first words of my mouth came out with an Aussie accent. It also means I have an ear for languages, and I am currently trying to conquer French.


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