Poem Titled ‘Daydream’

You came to me so suddenly,
Changing my view.
I used to think nightly
Of the things that you do.

Then, that July night,
You stole my heart away.
Where it went and stayed,
I cannot even say.
I used to dream about you,
I found it was all I could do.
I would see, and hear, and feel you
Until my heart would become blue.

Then, you disappeared, and I
Haven’t seen you since.
I often wonder where you are,
What you’re doing,
Or who you are with.

To see you would be lovely,
Lovelier than you can imagine;
And until that day comes,
I will dream in the grandest fashion.

I shall linger to hope.

October 15, 2004

*I originally wrote this for a waiter at Applebee’s I had a crush on when I was 21. Now reading this poem several years later, I may have been a smidge obsessed. I’m just glad I’ve changed.

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