Things I’ve Done and Never Done

Inspired by a post on another site, I decided to post a list of things I have done and never done.

I’ve Never:

  • Left the United States
  • Had a driver’s license
  • Gone to college
  • been in a relationship
  • had sex (I know, I am a rarity. How many 29-year olds that aren’t religious are virgins?)
  • Never been in love

I Have:

  • Tried (unsuccessfully) to learn French. I am still trying.
  • Flown on a plane by myself
  • Proven to naysayers in the eighth grade that I was quite intelligent
  • Been kissed
  • Been flirted with on several occasions
  • Made an idiot of myself on several occasions
  • Made a snow angel
  • Turned a guy down that was interested in me
  • Had a poem I wrote published in a book (but it was a sham company that made me pay $99 for a poem that was amongst hundreds of other poems)
  • Been in a magazine article. I will have to scan it and put it up here, with the actual story.
  • Have liked someone who liked me back (Bradley)
  • Have spoken up to a popular guy in school in class. Me being painfully shy wouldn’t normally do this under any circumstance, but he was whining, so I spoke up.
  • Met a guy from the Internet, not knowing if he was a serial rapist or just out to try and have sex with me.
  • Had my body ogled from a distance, and realized it was happening. It’s pretty violating, in case anyone has ever wondered.

This list is bound to expand over time.


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