Fade to Black

I dedicate this poem to a special blogger whose heart was broken today. I took some of my own experience, and fudged things where appropriate. I won’t name this blogger, but my heart goes out to her. And most of these things didn’t happen, I just got an urge so I went with it.

It looms around me, the darkness.
It may be light outside,
But it’s bleak and lifeless within these four walls.
I feel claustrophobic,
The air quickly leaving my lungs.
My heart bursting to pieces about me.

He says he needs space,
That the timing wasn’t right for us.
I looked up at him,
My eyes brimming with hot salty tears,
And I just nodded.

I should have called him a fucking asshole.
I should have said more than just “okay.”
What the hell is wrong with me?
I got up from the table,
Took my things,
And walked out the door.

And here I sit in my house,
Staring blankly at the walls,
Listening to sad music.

I cry at the drop of a hat,
And anything gets me started.

I’m in a fog,
Numb to the outside world.
I’ve cut off all contact from friends and family.
Their words do not soothe me,
Nor will they make me feel better.

I feel as if all is lost.
Lost in some dark forest in a mythical land.

The fog closes in,
And the world fades to black.


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