It’s Transitional Time

Summer is coming to an end soon. And I greet this reality with sadness and exuberance.

Sadness because I will no longer be able to wear dresses and open-toed shoes without freezing my feet off, let alone bare my shoulders for the same reason. Exuberance because I love autumn, and all it encompasses. That, and I just got a pair of boots I am eager to wear.

I know this transition is happening because I have a sudden desire to eat sandwiches. My mom is ready for chili and soup, and I am hungry for sandwiches. Due to my lactose-intolerance (and other stomach-related issues), I can’t really have soup or chili. Not that I would want to, because I hate them. And sandwiches make no sense, because they’re generally cold, and who eats cold stuff in the autumn/winter?

The answer would be: me.

While autumn means less time spent outside without a coat or sweater, it also means my mood changes. I am happy in the fall, and I turn melancholy around Thanksgiving. A word of warning: I HATE THANKSGIVING.

So here’s to the last few weeks of summer, to the impending fall, and whatever else that brings.


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