Pets I’d Like to Have

When I move out on my own, these are the pets I’d like to own.

  • A German Shepherd. I’ve not been a dog person for quite some time. I grew up with dogs as a kid. My family had Yorkies when I was a teenager, but we got a cat in 2001, and I transferred my affections to the felines. But I have slowly felt my heart warming to the idea of a dog. Someone to walk with when I want to go for a walk, someone who is happy to see me when I come home at night (because as much as your cat loves you, they could care less if you’re home, as long as you refill their food and water and clean the litter box), and just someone to play with. I know with Alsatians you have to be fully invested because they require a lot of attention and obedience training, but they appear to be very doting pets. And I would name him Sampson. Yeah, I’ve already picked out the gender and name for it.
  • A British Shorthair. I can’t get over their cute faces. I’d ideally like to have two cats, which I would name Diablo and Atreyu. Diablo would be black (if you’re superstitious about looking at black cats, don’t click the link), and Atreyu is gray or white. This is something I’ve plotted out for some time. Diablo doesn’t have to be a British Shorthair. I think Bombays are beautiful cats.

And maybe some fish, I don’t know.

And the photo of the beautiful German Shepherd is from Miss Anaheim Hockey.


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