Wednesday Was a Good Day

Because I enjoy documenting every little detail of my life, I want to say that Wednesday was an awesome day.

I went to the grocery store with my younger sister, to buy little things. I was wearing my new American Eagle jeans, which are baggy because I bought them to wear with my heeled shoes, and in doing so made the legs baggy (which totally bites). We get into the checkout lane, and I notice that the bag boy (but he was not a boy) is glancing at me in a way that does not indicate that he is just acknowledging your presence. At this point, I am just being unattractive, wiping my eyes and messing with my sunglasses. I wasn’t even wearing makeup.

My sister as a general law doesn’t return shopping carts to their designated locations, she leaves people to do that for her. So I take the cart to the cart collector thingie, and drop it off. Just at that moment, there’s a store guy collecting them. As I walk back to the car, I get the sensation something is happening to me. I get into the car, and my sister is laughing.

“What is so funny?”

“He was checking out your butt.”

I look up at the guy, and realize it’s the bag boy. I was grateful it was him, and not the 60-year old guy I had passed. He wasn’t ugly, this guy. The question is: how old is he?

I have a rule: I will only date a guy one year younger than I am. I generally like guys who are my age or older. But, I won’t rule out a younger guy by one year.


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