Wedding Thoughts

I was reading a post on another blog about wedding veils, and I got to thinking about when I was a little girl.

I was not one of those typical girls who dreamt of her wedding day from the time she could think about it. No, I was the one who was grossed out by wedding dresses and all the frills that went with weddings. All I wanted that involved a wedding was Jordan Knight, and even then we never got married in my mind.

When I was ten or eleven, I saw a wedding dress in a magazine. Looking back now, it was hideous. It had short sleeves, and flowery appliques all over it. Compared to my aunt’s wedding dress from 1988, it was gorgeous. I was quite adamant at that age that should I ever marry, there have to be sleeves. Sleeveless, strapless dresses were gross and made you a slut. I didn’t use those exact words, but you get the point.

Now, all I want is a strapless dress. Should it have some appliques, lace, or slight beading, I would not mind. But the thought of a short-sleeved dress or one with sleeves makes me feel very weird. When I was sixteen, I wanted the dress Buffy wore in an episode where she dreamed of marrying Angel.

The only thing I have never wavered on was a veil. Even as a little girl, I wanted a veil. I imagined having long hair and the veil trailing around behind me. I got a veil with a Halloween costume when I was twenty, I loved that more than I did my costume. So I know when I eventually get married, I have to have a veil. It wouldn’t seem right if I didn’t. Even if I elope, I will find some store where I can buy a veil. Needless to say, I won’t get married without the veil.

As the years have passed, my figure has changed. At one point, I wanted a ballgown. Now that I have hips, that has gone to the wayside. I want something elegant, but still totally me in style. I am particularly drawn to this Vera Wang gown, as well as this style from David’s Bridal. Of course, while I was going through my ballgown phase, I came across a gorgeous gown in a Cosmopolitan or Glamour magazine of a style from the Oleg Cassini Collection at David’s Bridal. It’s no longer sold, but I have several photos saved of it. Mainly the scan of the magazine page, which is below.

For me, I want to get married in the autumn. Why not? It’s a beautiful season. In my teens, I wanted to get married on August 27. But my cousin, who has been happily married for ten years, stole that from me. So, I have settled upon September. Two of my other cousins have taken that month as well, but September 29 remains mine still. It’s a special day, it was my late grandfather’s (on my mom’s side) birthday. All I need is to get a man, and make sure my grandma lives to see me get married. Otherwise, the significance is lost to everyone except my mom and aunt.

Everything else, is up in the air.

I know I want to walk down the aisle to Josh Groban’s rendition of Ave Maria or Muse’s Exogenesis Symphony Part 1-Overture. Muse’s seems like some sort of grand entrance of epic proportions, but it’s a beautiful song. I’d walk in somewhere around 1:48-3:05. There will be no Wagner’s Wedding March for this girl. I am quite link-happy today. But, I deeply, deeply want Mendelssohn’s Wedding March from A Midsummer Night’s Dream played by organ for the recessional. I get so excited when I hear it.


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