I Miss My Friends

Right now, I could use someone to talk to. I wish I were closer with my friends, and I wish they lived closer. I’ve seen people I follow on Tumblr post things that say “Talk to me, send me a message,” but I couldn’t do that. Eventually, they get bored or it’s whatever time it is wherever they live and they have to go to bed because they have lives.

I miss my one friend in particular, Chuck. We could talk for hours online, and it was never boring. The only trouble was he was sexually and romantically interested in me, and I saw him as nothing more than a friend. And despite my numerous conversations to him about my feelings towards him, he still pursued me. So, I finally cut him off early last year.

I think I might go message my friend on Facebook, and say I miss her. It’s not like it would do any good, considering she’s in San Diego, and in just as bad financial strains as I am.


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