I’m Back!

UPDATE: I am required to take Math all four years. Oh joy, oh bliss. I accidentally labeled myself as a non-fiction writer, so I am waiting on the course schedule for fiction writers, which isn’t much different. 

And I don’t have much in the news department. I am supposed to hear about this job tomorrow, but I am not taking it. Suffice it to say, the hours would be inconsistent and I am not someone who pushes credit cards on people to get hours. Plus, my vertigo prevents me from climbing on ladders to fix lights and arrange advertisement banners.

As for school, I have been accepted and am waiting for a call-back from my Advisor so we can go over courses. My sister and I went through courses last night, and I have a list of classes I have to take and classes for electives. I really hope I get the courses for electives. I have to take Math, which is a subject I really am horrible at. For those out there thinking I am lying, I am not. I never passed Pre-Algebra. I took Pre-Algebra from seventh grade until I dropped out Junior year in high school, and I never ever passed. So you can imagine my worry that I have to take Math for the entire four years of my college career.

Anyway, that’s my life so far. Sorry it’s short, but I am waiting for my Advisor to call me back and for the plumber to show up and fix the toilet.


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