Because I Can’t Think of Anything Else

I will answer ten questions from a Glamour/some questionnaire thing.

  1. 3 things you’ll always find in my bag: lip balm, a pen, my wallet
  2. Favorite guilty pleasure (TV, film, past-time, iPhone app/game, or food): Bingo Bash, which is a game on my iPhone. I am excited for the Halloween game to arrive, because I love the music on the Facebook version.
  3. If I could have lunch with anyone non-fiction-or-fantasy-it would be: Sir Gwaine of Camelot from Merlin. I would probably spend the whole of that lunch staring at him, much like I did with Scott on our second date at Burger King.
  4. My favorite song lyric: Contain yourself, I will compress what I am too. Replace yourself with what you have, your substitute. Steam Will Rise, by Silverchair.
  5. Piece of clothing in my closet I’ve had forever: I don’t use a closet except to hang coats, but the one piece of clothing I still have from my teens is my Poway High sweatshirt. I’ve had that since I was fifteen, and I still wear it on occasion.
  6. Favorite children’s book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  7. One thing on my bucket list I haven’t done is: I could go two ways with this: I can either say have sex or travel outside the United States.
  8. My karaoke go-to is: I don’t like to sing in public, because I embarrass easily. If I were forced or feeling very outgoing, it would probably be Come Together by The Beatles.
  9. Favorite place to be: The beach, hands down. I grew up by the ocean, and I love it to pieces.
  10. I’m afraid of: Snakes, basically any bug that flies, crickets, natural disasters, wildfires, out of control politicians, and being trapped in an fascist country.

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