Another Random Thing About Me

I love the song November Rain by Guns-N-Roses. Being one of those iconic songs that everyone says you should listen to, I decided to one day when it played on MTV 2 or VH1 Classic. Another thing: I have always been drawn to the sound of electric guitars. The way certain guitarists can make them sing… I just love that. And one part in particular of November Rain perked my ears up.

That whole bit from 6:50-the end, is the best. Slash knows his shit. It sent shivers down my spine, and it still has that effect to this day. It has become such a favorite of mine, that I have told my sisters (the youngest ones that is), that I want it played at my funeral. Actually I want it played as they spread my ashes. My youngest sister knows this, and I occasionally will ask her out of nowhere, and she still remembers.

I think I am going to make a page for all these random facts as I create them.


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