So I wake up this morning to a slew of emails from WordPress. Some people liked my posts, which I love. Others were liking or reblogging my posts for spamming purposes.

To those others, find another blog to attack. I like legit people, people who aren’t computers or out to just spam my blogs or others blogs with my posts. I have a low tolerance for people’s bullshit, so take your crap and do it elsewhere. Start a blog to form an opinion, share thoughts, or vent about your life and world. Don’t start a blog to randomly like other people’s posts and spam their emails with that kind of thing. If you legitimately like my posts and want to share them with the world, by all means do it. But, don’t do it because you can’t actually think of a good reason to have a blog.

And thank you to the new followers! Welcome to the blog, I hope you enjoy it!


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