I Received a B on My Paper

I am happy. Last night, I was giddy. Now, it’s sunk in and I am happy. My instructor did have some commentary, asking for elaborations, and reminding me to indent the first paragraph (Which I forgot to do–oops) of the paper.

My list of things to do this week is far less than last week, all I have to do is edit my English paper, which people are torn over. It’s good or it’s good, but it needs word tweaking. This one girl cites things in the paragraph I provided like she’s a teacher. I want to read up more on this woman, because she’s quite annoying. Secondly, I have to make a Powerpoint presentation on the Stages of Cognitive Development according to Jean Piaget. It’s only supposed to be 3-5 slides, which makes things so much simpler, because I suck at that kind of thing.

And then I got an email today from someone at the school. urging me to prepare for my IT class by being up-to-date on Microsoft Home Office software, which will cost me $99.95. My SNHU class card hasn’t had the money added to it yet, and my parents can’t afford to buy me that on top of the class books I will need for the class. I am giving the card one more week to have money transferred, and then I am making a call. Because soon enough, I am going to have purchase books for my English class, which will also come from that card.


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