7 Men I Would Roll in the Grass With-Day 3

We’re just going to jump into this, since I have no desire to write out another introduction.

Today’s guy is Bradley James (the blond one on the left). This photo is a few years old, so he doesn’t look quite as boyish now. He plays King Arthur on BBC’s Merlin, and is three months younger than I am. Another interesting tidbit is that you’re lucky to be seeing a blond guy on here. I am not particularly fond of blond males, so when I find one that strikes my fancy, I tend to stay committed.

I should probably state my reasons for choosing Mr. James. Um, he’s nice to look at, seems to be a genuinely respectable fellow, is English (not that it matters–but it kind of does, if you know my track history with celeb crushes), and likes soccer (or football outside the U.S.). For other women, they like his butt. I like his smile and short, shaggy hair. Besides, he’s quite handy with a sword, which I find infinitely attractive.


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