Writing Inspiration Happens Randomly

I am off to type up a story that popped into my head rather randomly today. I was sitting in my sister’s car, listening to Rihanna on the radio, and I got this flash of a scene from the story in particular. A girl is in a club (BIG SHOCKER: THE STORY TAKES PLACE IN AMERICA–thank you Eoin Macken for literally being a state away from me in Phoenix, Arizona so I can finally have a story take place in my country of birth), the song* is playing over the speakers rather loudly (as I assume the music plays in clubs, having never actually been to one), and she sees him across the floor just as the song hits a crescendo. He looks at her, and that’s where the flash ended. I immediately took my phone out (You will find out later in the week I am grateful for the phone for this reason alone) and typed that out onto the notepad app.

*If you skip ahead in the song from :45-1:15, you will find that part of the song I am talking about. The song is Where Have You Been by Rihanna. I realize she’s not what many people listen to, so I am sorry about that. But I think the song will illustrate the scene in general, and give you some idea of the mood of it. 

Okay, I am off to write. With any luck, something awesome will develop!


3 Replies to “Writing Inspiration Happens Randomly”

  1. Dont you love the way inspiration can and does always seem to hit at the oddest times? Good Luck…did you ever finish it? Post it? Now you’ve got me curious 😉

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