Moral Dilemma

I have signed up for my fourth term, taking Western Civilization (got to love the History requirement–but I love History) and Intro to Humanities 1 (which supposedly is an Art History course). And I got the confirmation of the sign-up from my Advisor today, and per her instructions, I made sure everything was right. And in doing this, I decided to look up my Instructors for the upcoming terms. My English-226 Instructor is a female and my IT (I am calling my Instructors teachers from now on) teacher is male. And the same goes for fourth term. My Western Civilization teacher is male, and my Humanities teacher is a woman.

I decided to look up my two male teachers, just for the pure sake of it.

And here’s the moral dilemma: they might possibly be attractive. I won’t reveal their names, but my History teacher (who has rave reviews from his students), who is a Grad student studying History in Wisconsin, is ridiculously handsome, if it is indeed that guy. And I am struggling at the moment to refer to him as a man. I am 29, and I need to call men “men” and not “guys.” Also, it wouldn’t shock me that my Instructor is younger than I am, because I know a grad student on Tumblr who is 2-3 years younger than me. But, I am looking forward to March, where I can look at his Instructor bio page and hope he posts a photo for confirmation. My IT teacher, he’s a hard one to pin down, because he could be anyone with that name. But if it’s the one I found the first round of Googling, he’s nice-looking too.

This is a marvel for me, because none of my male teachers were attractive to me. Nice, sure, but not attractive. And it’s not like it really matters, considering that we’ll never meet in person. But here is something I wrote nine months ago on the subject of nice-looking teachers. I am such a hormonal kiss-ass.


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