A Wedding Possibly Gone Sour

The wedding reception was in gear, with everyone either dancing or socializing. The bride, beautifully dressed in her gown and veil is talking with guests, when a familiar song begins to play.

It reminds her of a long lost love, the man who still owns a piece of her heart. She looks up from the table, her hands on her sides, and sees him lurking in the shadows. He is illuminated only by a scant amount of fairy lights, his blue-green eyes twinkling beneath them.

Her heart stops, and she feels the blood drain from her face.

I got inspiration for this while listening to More Than Words by Extreme with my sisters in the car in line at Starbucks. I was thinking about Evora while listening to this song, and Shelter was the first thing that came to mind.


2 Replies to “A Wedding Possibly Gone Sour”

  1. Very nice little snippet – now I am just dying to know what happens next. Will she go to him? Is he really there or is the memory evoked by the music so strong it just seems he is there?

    1. I don’t know yet. It’s formulating, that’s for sure. I’ll probably come up with something tonight, or within the next couple of days. Thank you for the comment!

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