A Bit More About Me

Inspired by another blogger’s post about their likes and dislikes, I have decided to do the same. Anything bold-faced is the Top 15 things I dislike/like. Hopefully it formats correctly.

  • Likes

    Are You Afraid of the Dark, Paris, the French language, Irish people, men with aquiline noses, longer hair on men, blue eyes, open smiles, dark hair,  fingers (not in the chopped off way), the beach, sunshine, snow, winter, autumn, the East Coast, the Pacific Ocean, English accents, Irish accents, red roses, fresh-baked cookies, Christmas, Halloween, the Philadelphia Phillies, happy babies, Colin Firth, crayons, reading, walks, German Shepherds, kitties, Firefly (the TV show), sorbet, sand between my toes, The Beatles, Silverchair, my iPhone, delicate necklaces, tall boots, History, English, photos of people kissing, Shakespeare, John Keats, poetry, Cape Cod, Disneyland, Jane Eyre, The Nutcracker, the smell of a library, old books, Christmas lights, Muse, Starbucks, Lord of the Rings, vampires, Daria, Santiago Cabrera, men who can speak Spanish, the 19th century, Pride and Prejudice, British period dramas, Downton Abbey, Knights in armor, warm weather in the summers, writing, Marvin the Martian, Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty, Wall-E and EVE, dysfunctional family comedies, 80s movies, pizza (especially the smell of it), a glass of Arbor Mist, Irish beer, Dos Equis, mojitos, the smell of first rain, listening to light rain fall while curled up with an addicting book, sunsets, walking on the beach, the sound of the ocean, looking at the stars, city lights, a good salsa without onions, In-N-Out burgers, my Josh-bear and Fritz, photos of my friends, and red apple Jelly Belly jelly beans.


  • Dislikes

    Onions, hatred, bigotry, homophobia, small-mindedness, country music, hip-hop, rap (unless it’s old-school, pre-1997), Easter, Thanksgiving, cauliflower, Communism, wars, the Middle Eastern conflict, bone breaking of any kind in TV shows or movies, apocalyptic movies, war movies (unless it’s The Patriot), anything with Ray Romano in it, fast rides, forcing people to do things against their will, rape, murder, guns, dark alleys, spiders, ants, bats, rats, snakes, bees, hornets, crowds, heights, homework, The New England Patriots, Tom Brady, Boston Red Sox, Stephenie Meyer, humid weather, overlapping noises (be it music, TVs, or movies—I cannot stand it), anything with cloves in it that I can smell, eggs, milk, Swiss cheese, banks, cigarettes, shaved heads, pants that hang off your butt, the C-word, holey jeans, Holy-rollers, extreme religious types (there is a difference between them and Holy-rollers, my aunt is one), forcing your beliefs onto others, people who complain about New England weather and choose to live there when they could live in Florida (Way too many people I worked with in the past), stereotypes, One Direction, Flo Rida, tummy aches, abuse of the English language, breakfast, rich people who think they’re God’s gift, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, crowd-surfing, rowdy crowds at concerts, super outgoing people (I am ridiculously shy, extroversion tends to freak me out), online dating, the sound of ripping fabric, knives and forks clashing against each other.


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