So I’ve Had an Interesting Night

And normally I would go in depth with everyone about it, but I don’t feel right about broadcasting it. Needless to say, it has brought certain realities to light, and I vow here and now to lower my posts about the subject in question.

To that/those person(s): Thank you for visiting this blog. I fervently hope you are able to refrain from divulging certain things to a certain subject. Should you feel the overwhelming urge to share the blog with that person, I will not be upset. I also want to assure you that I am 100% sane, about 95% of the time. Even I, at the ripe old age of twenty-nine have moments where I must indulge my inner teenager. Although you assured me it was jest, I just want my bases covered.

Vague, right?

If you wish further information, please feel free to comment. Please bear in mind though that doing so will allow the comment feed to be viewed by all, and should persons be linked to this blog (if they haven’t already), they will be able to read them.

Here I was talking that I seek approval no longer from people like I did in high school, and I am panicking over a little Twitter conversation. Shyness never ends for people like me.

If you continued reading this dear reader, I LOVE YOU. You have no idea how much. If you comment, I probably love you too. And to those who follow me on Twitter (which is none of my readers on here): I am sorry for the blatant shy girl tweeting people and filling up the feed. But, I am not all that sorry.


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