Random Musing #-Something

It’s winter, and for many people, that equates cold enough weather in the morning or night (or if you reside anywhere that has snow 4-6 months of the year straight, all freaking day long) that your breath comes out visibly in the air. There’s an actual term for it, but I call it breath fog.

So as I was walking out through the parking lot at Target tonight (I wrote this at 7:19 pm Thursday night), I could see my breath in the night sky. Instantly, I turn into a kid, and begin inhaling deeply and exhaling as if I am blowing cigarette smoke out of my mouth (except without the whole pretend holding a cigarette thing). I start chuckling to myself, and I thought about sharing this with you all.

I am a huge kid-at-heart. I may be bordering on 30, but I am still child-like. I still enjoy throwing snowballs at people, and running through the snow (or at least I did, when I was living someplace that got snow) from someone. I still get all excited when I have to check the Christmas lights to see if they need to be replaced, and they’re laying all over the floor, lit up. I like going to the park, and playing on the playground. Sure, I can’t ride the swings any longer (thank you vertigo for that), and the slide may do more harm than good, but I do enjoy playing at the park. Oh, and the teeter-totter is out too. Combine my fear of heights with the whole vertigo thing, and I am a screaming mess of ugliness that would be a downer in an instant.



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