Here’s the 411


  • I am getting my permanent advisor next week, because my current advisor is going on maternity leave to have her little girl soon. 
  • I have just signed up for Term 5 classes (which run from April until June 29?), and I will be taking: Intro to Cultural Anthropology (it’s a Global Marker, and those are kind of mandatory) and Environmental Issues–which means I am going to get greener than I already am and annoy the living s*** out of my dad.
  • No one, except one guy, has responded to my DB post for IT.
  • I am still the only one who has posted to the blog in Creative Writing. I don’t know whether to feel amazing, or am I the lone person in class who hasn’t received the message that we’re not posting to it. Either way, I am ahead of the curve.
  • I have to take a test on what I learned in the first two classes for IT tomorrow. In other words: I am royally fudged.

Pray for me, everyone. Pray to Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, God, Allah, Vishnu–I am running out of religious figures (and I know Confucius was a philosopher–not a God). If I have left out any religious figure, I apologize.


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