Change of Plans

Originally, I was going to do my memoir paper on Scott, but that’s off the table. Basically because we were given a word limit of 350 words. Both drafts of my paper go over that. One by 100 words and the other by thirty. I tried revisions, but they would severely mess up the paper. So it’s back to the drawing board with this.

I am not going to mince words about this, despite what I have learned in IT about nothing ever being truly gone from the Internet or watching what I say. My Creative Writing instructor gets on my last nerve. I know I said the same thing about my Psychology instructor, but this time I mean it. While I respect her stance and get why she has a firm limit of the words (all about the real world and being given limits on word counts for articles–which I seriously doubt she does, because she cannot explain her way out of having an endangered whale saved from extinction), but to pen a memoir, you cannot give a person a limit of 350 words. You want vivid, rich details, but under 350 words. I’d basically have to write about my summer vacation in Cape Cod when I was twenty-two to conform to those word limits.

Rant finished.


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