Where I Was Five Years Ago Today

I had a day shift at work that day. It was an ordinary day for me, except it was my last three days at my job, since I had handed in my notice two weeks earlier. After work, I came home, and kicked off my shoes. I turned on my computer, and went to Yahoo. The headline was: Actor Heath Ledger Dead. 

I screamed, “What?” from my bed. I literally felt the blood drain from my face, and I was just dumbstruck. I loved Heath. He’d just had a baby two years earlier, and he was only twenty-eight. The initial reports were that he had died of a drug overdose, and I just didn’t believe that he was a drug user. I got off my bed, somberly coming out of my room and into the dining room. My family noticed I looked like someone had died.

“Heath Ledger’s dead,” I spoke, still trying to get my head around it. They basically had the same reaction as me.

Five years later, not much has changed. He passed away on my half birthday, which had lost its importance three years earlier, after Scott said that once we stopped being teenagers that kind of thing doesn’t really matter much. And every year, I remember him saying that. So it seems fitting, on my half birthday of all days, to remember Heath’s life. To remember an actor who kind of snapped me out of a haze I’d been in after leaving high school. Many actors have passed away since that I loved, but Heath’s death affected me hard. I kind of walked around in a fog for a few days afterward.

And in watching The Dark Knight, I was amazed by his portrayal of The Joker. Jack Nicholson’s rendition scared the crap out of me (of course, I was six when that came out), but I was blown away by his performance, as were many others.

Anyway, I need to go read my assignments for Creative Writing. And today managed to squeeze three posts out of me. Also, I have finished my memoir. In the coming days, expect to see the two others I wrote, but ended up scrapping because they were well over 300 words, and any revisions would have completely messed up the story.


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