Beautiful Creatures (the novel) Review

In two weeks, the movie Beautiful Creatures, will be hitting the silver screen. I finished reading the book yesterday morning, and I have to say it was pretty freaking radical.

I am going to try and make this summary spoiler-free, and as short as possible (which I have proven in the past I am not good at).

The book takes place in Gatlin, South Carolina, a town of little consequence, filled with people who never leave. It’s not notable for anything, except some tiny little battle that took place during the Civil War. We learn that Ethan Wate, is our narrator, and he intends to leave Gatlin and never come back. Ethan nearly runs over Lena Duchannes one night driving down the road, and he instantly is attracted to her. But Lena harbors a secret, and is instantly disliked by most of the student body at the high school.

Through a series of events, Lena and Ethan fall in love, and face unspeakable odds. Lena is fighting a dark power that controls several members of her family, and has killed a few of them along the way. History is repeating itself, over 150 years later, leaving Lena and Ethan to figure out how to change the course of events before Lena is the next one to be claimed.

And if you haven’t seen the TV spots or trailer, Lena is a witch. And in this book series (there are four books), you’re either a Light witch (basically you’re good) or a Dark witch (Basically, it’s Succubus or Incubus-level bad).

Anyway, the back cover of my book reads (and I quote):

“Give this to fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight or HBO’s True Blood series.”

These aren’t even close to those books. Yes, we’re dealing with dark elements, and there are two people with dark hair who are in love, but that’s where it ends. Because I have been quite candid in the past about the elements of Twilight, I won’t get into that again. Basically, Ethan is not obsessive or controlling, nor does he have a fairy light that comes out of his hands. He and Lena do have a connection, but to reveal that is to reveal a possible spoiler. Anyway, if you like books about witches that have a bit of a love story through history interwoven in them, you should pick up this book.

My particular favorite character was Uncle Macon Ravenwood, who knows how to put small-minded people in their places.


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