Current Grade Report and Questions

As of this moment, I have just received a perfect score on my IT paper. It appears that my method for writing papers in Psychology may also apply to IT. I am not trying to make a habit out of bullshitting my way through a paper, let alone leaving it until the last minute and fussing about it while writing it, but for some frigging reason it works.

I just got an email from my Advisor in regards to her welcome email. She apologized for the delay in response, but considering Southern New Hampshire is being bombarded by snow, I won’t hold it against her. She wanted to know if she could offer ideas for Term 6 (the final term before two week summer vacation before my second year begins), which my 30th birthday is in the middle of. I told her that with my birthday plans being up in the air, I am looking for classes that are going to fulfill my requirements, but are light enough in work that I can move around assignments (since my birthday falls on a Monday, which depending on how heavy the classwork is, is the day I plan out my week with classes). I also explained that I am still working out which classes I can take that will fulfiill my obligations (I like the word “fulfill” tonight), and which ones I can take for the heck of it.

Here’s another thing: emailing people. I am sure this is something we covered in English Composition, but ending an email with someone you’re not close to (like an acquaintance) is foreign territory. I would normally close out with “sincerely”, but that seems odd. My CW Instructor and Advisor close out messages with “Best or Regards”, but that seems unusual to me. I just did it with my email to my Advisor, but I felt like an idiot the entire time. Is there another socially accepted way to close an email without using “Best?”

Tomorrow begins February. Twenty days until Eoin Macken turns 30, and begins the countdown of all the male celebs who turn 30 before me that will continually remind me of the milestone that seems to be quickly approaching. Less than five months left, people. It’s a strange feeling, for those young people who follow this blog.


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