My Trip to Sacramento (Technically Roseville)

Was an unmitigated disaster. As I referenced in yesterday’s post, my youngest sister is someone who is hard to please. And Roseville didn’t go over well with her. She sees it as a place people go to die, whereas I didn’t have much of an issue with it. West Sacramento, on the other hand, I had a bit of an issue with.

Needless to say, she vows if we move to Roseville, she will never leave the house. My mom and I are looking for homes for rent that are close to stores, so we can walk someplace and go window-shopping. That is a convenience we don’t have at the current moment. Roseville offers us that opportunity, West Sacramento does not. My baby sister, doesn’t drive yet, and so we’d literally be stuck indoors if we moved to Sacramento. My dad has locked himself in his bedroom, pouting like a baby. Most people would say let your sister cry and bitch to her heart’s content, but in the end, it’s the parent’s choice.

Most people also don’t know my parents. They’ve filed for bankruptcy. They go to court the end of the month. Their credit rating is going down the toilet. You need good credit to rent a house (at least the ones my parents are interested in), and my parents haven’t had that for several years. I am in college, and I have better credit than they do. Of course, I also don’t have two cars, and dozens of bills.

If I could, I would be halfway across the country at this moment. If I had $10,000, I would be moving. I am literally stressed out, and the tension in the house is so thick at the moment. So if anyone has a friend who doesn’t mind that I have no job or money, I would be more than happy to be their roommate.
photo (1)
photo (3)

Two photos I took on the way to West Sacramento, after passing by a Hilton with full-length windows (which a post I had written while on the road, and has since been deleted).

Apparently, I was copping an attitude when we first got to Roseville, and my dad said I needed to pave the path to my own life. Isn’t this why I am back in college at 29? Isn’t that I why I am toiling in an IT class I don’t want to take, and a slave to my laptop five days a week (or sometimes more, depending on the class?)? Honestly.


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