Someone just posed an interesting question to me on Tumblr.

This person asked me why I chose Paris and the French language. This person is supposedly French themselves, although I never clicked on their icon before sending my reply, so I cannot verify this.

My answer was I loved the beauty of Paris, but I also added that I have seen photos of other parts of France, which are just as beautiful. As for the language, I said I found it beautiful. That after many years of hearing my own language mangled by its native speakers, I longed for something different. I also explained that I had taken French in high school, but failed miserably. And that seeing French movies reawakened that love for the language.

I also was very aware of how I worded things, in case he has to use a translate tool. I tend to use words that most people haven’t used since before World War 1, and that could make translating or comprehending what I say very difficult. Heck, my own family sometimes doesn’t understand what I say.

Hopefully, this person replies to my message, although it is 3:27 am in Paris.


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