Top Five Favorite Disney Movie Scenes

The next post is full of fire and darkness. In an effort to lighten things up, I am going to interject a happy post.

I am bordering on 30. Some people (my mother) believe I should stop watching Disney movies. I say: hush. I’ve had a conversation with another blogger (you know who you are), and they agree that just because you’ve entered adulthood, doesn’t mean your love anything Disney/animated goes with it. Sometimes, animated scenes relate more to you than ones specifically made for your age group.

So, here are my top five favorite Disney movie scenes (and this is going to be hard):

1. The good fairies making presents for Aurora’s birthday, from Sleeping Beauty. I have always enjoyed Merriweather’s spunk and Fauna’s inability to cook. I cannot even see teaspoon in a cookbook without saying “tsp.”

2. Wall-E and EVE have their first kiss in space, after a rather magical dance among the stars, from Wall-E. It’s just a beautifully done scene.

3. Cornelius working in his room, at the end of Meet the Robinsons. I admit freely the first time I saw this scene, I cried. Between the music, and the sweetness of Lewis/Cornelius finally getting the family who understood and supported his mind, it was just too much for me.

4. The opening scene of Wall-E. Yes, I used the same movie twice. But it is a favorite. Plus, it’s an interesting piece on what humans did to the planet. I also identified the song in the opening sequence within about five seconds of it playing.  That’s what happens when you’re raised with a dad who loves Barbra Streisand.

5. Flynn Rider meets Rapunzel from Tangled.

6. As an added bonus for adding in Wall-E twice, here’s a funny scene from Heavyweights. “The Buddy System.”


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