This Week’s Downton Abbey

I am not going to remember half of what I saw Monday morning when watching it, so here is what I do remember:

  • Lady Violet, Dowager Countess Grantham is a spunky old lady. I found myself giggling throughout the episode, especially when telling Rose her punishment for being seen with a married man in London. Another highlight of her hilarity was when she had Edith and Rosamund at odds over who spilled the beans about Rose’s “indiscretion.” 
  • Matthew and Mary are going to have a baby!
  • I love Tom Branson. I have professed this before, but it only grows stronger with each episode. And baby Sybil? She is too darn cute.
  • Carson’s hatred towards Thomas’ homosexuality, while not unusual for 1920–let alone today, still pisses me off.
  • Mrs. Hughes never fails to make me giggle when she puts Carson in his place.
  • I feel for Isobel Crawley. She tries to do the right thing by bringing Ethel into her home, but the Dowager Countess goes behind her back to Edith and has her place an advertisement for a maid. At least Ethel will get to see her son regularly now.
  • Jimmy is a shit. Even though he was baited by O’Brien just as much as Thomas was, he could have had a backbone.
  • But good on Bates (who came home to Anna) for letting O’Brien know that her shenanigans won’t be tolerated any longer, since he’s got her in a corner with his secret.
  • It was nice to Robert finally acting human again, and not like a giant douche-bag.
  • Rose went to a jazz club. I fail to see which was more astonishing for Lady Rosamund, Matthew and Edith: Her dancing sexily with her lover, being in a jazz club with African (what’s the proper way to phrase British Africans?) musicians playing, or how she was dressed. For us Americans, this was during the Prohibition, so we went to underground clubs where African-American jazz musicians played and served us. We danced just a salaciously as the Brits, dressed just as “tarty,” and drank and smoked like fish. Ah, it was a time of freedom.
  • I kind of want to see this Aunt Agatha, as hated as she is.

Next week is the last episode, where my beloved dies. I won’t say which beloved (except it’s not Tom).


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