True Blood–Spoilers Ahead!

I have decided to re-watch True Blood Season One. I am six or seven episodes in (since I own it), and I remembered why I fell in love with this show. While the huge draw was vampires, it was the relationship between Bill and Sookie. Now, I can barely stand them together. Actually, last season averaged with me watching six episodes out of the usual thirteen. To say Season Five was utter crap would be a gross understatement. I don’t know what happened last year, but the storylines were so contrived, so lackluster and useless, that I just pretty much stopped watching. I had my baby sister give me the rundown of what happened because I just couldn’t be bothered to sit through the shit without going on my phone to pass the time.

I am actually eager to see if Season Six is going to blow me away, or turn me completely off that I just stop watching it altogether.

But back to Season One.

From the first moment Bill entered Merlotte’s, I remembered the good times. When the episodes had something to do with the books that preceded them. When the show was fresh and made sense. What I vividly remember was hating Eric Northman. Fast-forward four years later, and I am in love with Eric and wish Bill Compton would meet the True Death. I don’t know what it was about Eric that rubbed me the wrong way in the series, but it wasn’t until I read Book #2 or #3 that I realized what a gem he was and my feelings changed. I also remember thinking that Sam was the killer, because he was acting all dodgy and breaking into Dawn’s apartment and rolling around like a pervert in her bed, smelling it. It’s until I found out later in the season that he was a shape-shifter and was tracking the scent of the killer that that whole mindset changed.

Every Sunday, I would be glued to HBO and watching to see who the killer was going to be. By the end, I knew it was Rene, and I just kept waiting for someone to put the pieces together.

It’s kind of sad how my feelings have changed. It’s not because I have grown tired of vampires (which will never happen); it’s that I have grown tired of the direction the show has gone. It’s totally deviated from the books, and made several main characters deplorable in the process. Three examples:

  1. Sam Merlotte: In the books, he’s sweet and generous to everyone he knows. He’s not okay with Sookie and Bill being together (mainly because he is nursing a HUGE crush on Sookie), but he’s not a total asshat about it. Sam actually had parents: his mom was a shifter and his dad (step-dad?) was human. When his dad did eventually discover the truth about mom, he kind of hurt her by accident. Sam also had two siblings that he got along with. In the TV series: he was adopted, his family leaving him in the night because of his shifting. He was a criminal, killing innocent people and being a huge douche in the process. He is ridiculously abusive towards his employees when he meets his real family (who are redneck losers that participate in dog fights). I can honestly say I wanted to write a scathing letter to Alan Ball for this complete fuck-up in character development.
  2. Jason Stackhouse: Jason is a tool. An ex-high school football star who loves beer and sex with everyone woman in town. In the books, he’s actually quite smart and has some sort of morality. When he and Crystal get together, they actually get married because she is pregnant. And he wasn’t raped by the women of Hotshot, like in the show. In the show, he is an asshole. He gets addcited to Vampire Blood, falls in love with Crystal, and is raped by all the women in Hotshot because their men are pretty much impotent jerks. He is now a cop who sees his parents in hallucinations, telling him that Sookie is on a bad path and headed for death (and I think it’s Jason’s mission to end her life).
  3. Bill Compton: Bill was once a likable vampire. A guy who told Sookie stories in the bath about brushing his sister’s or his wife’s hair after they would bathe (I am almost sure it was his wife) in the books. Who against his will in the show turned a 16-year-old into a vampire, and made her into a great vampire. Now, he is the physical embodiment of an evil God, hellbent on killing the human race and making vampires the majority race. He has totally gone against Sookie, and no longer sees her as his old girlfriend/fiancee. It will be interesting to see how his story goes in the sixth season.

So, basically the first season is awesome, and makes you see how horrendous the fifth season was, and I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.


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