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Back Story for the Developing Story

  • Matthew Bradley Collins-30 year old male. He is an English teacher, living in Kensington. He is gay, dating an Irish primary schoolteacher named Aidan Reilly.
  • Aidan Reilly-27 year old male. He is a primary school teacher, living in Aldgate. He is seeing Matthew.
  • Eoin Jameson-30 year old male, who teaches French at the same private school as Matthew.
  • Anthony Woodhouse-45 year old male, who teaches Chemistry at same school as Eoin and Matthew.
  • Blond shaggy hair, blue eyes, slightly crooked teeth, and athletic build at six feet tall. He wears a silver ring on his left thumb, and is usually seen in sporty clothes when not working. When he is at work; he wears a dress shirt, nicely-cut trousers, and a suit jacket with a tie. His female students think he is handsome. He drives a used blue Mercedes-Benz C-180K SE. Aidan particularly loves this car.
  • Aidan has black short messy hair, blue eyes, an adorable smile that appeals to the kids he works with, and is muscular due to his taking up Yoga in the last year. He is six feet tall as well, but tends to look taller than Matthew. Aidan is from Armagh, Northern Ireland. He drives a black Volvo S40.
  • Eoin has shaggy dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a slight beard. Eoin is from Drogheda, and gets along with Aidan because they are both Irish. When the two of them get together, no one can understand them, because their accents get very thick. Eoin drives a Ford Fiesta, but is looking for an affordable BMW.

v Aidan lives in a nice flat in Aldgate. He spends a lot of time on the rooftop terrace, looking at the view.

v Matthew lives in an updated flat in a Georgian building in South Kensington.

v Matthew supports Chelsea F.C., although they give him a lot of grief.

Aidan makes Matthew laugh. In photos people take of them, Matt is always laughing heartily at something Aidan says, or they’re staring into each other’s eyes. And though Aidan sometimes annoys him, he loves him very much, and cannot imagine what his life would be like without Aidan in it.

I forgot the photos in the other post!

20130219-105909.jpgphoto 2


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