Season 3 Finale of Downton Abbey Thoughts

  • A year later, and not much has changed. Mary and Matthew are expecting a baby, Branson still misses his wife, and is still trying to find his footing as a caretaker of the Downton land estates.
  • The new maid has designs for Mr. Branson, but cannot see how unwelcome they are.
  • The family goes on a trip to Scotland, and finds that life at Downton isn’t the nightmare they once thought it was.
  • The staff at Downton with no one there let loose a little and go to a fair. It is here that Thomas shows Jimmy how good a friend he is, by offering to have his a** handed to him on a plate and getting the crap beat out of him because they won the tug-o-war competition. Jimmy in return fetches Dr. Clarkson.
  • Dr. Clarkson, wants to marry. He wants to marry Isobel Crawley in particular. Watching him look like a teenage kid was cuteness itself, and I felt sorry for him when he discovered she thought of him as a “friend.”
  • Mrs. Patmore got a bit of a love life, but it was short-lived, when Mrs. Hughes watched aghast as he kissed and stroked on younger girls that weren’t Mrs. Patmore. Mrs. Patmore’s reaction was at first sadness, but then overwhelming relief. All the new grocer wanted was a cook, not a wife.
  • Carson is the sweetest man. Though he is a tough man, his love for Lady Mary is sweet. When she was in labor, he acted like the nervous wreck that Robert and Matthew ought to have been in that moment.
  • Baby boy Crawley and Little Sybbie are the cutest babies (I literally squeal at the sight of them).
  • I don’t like the new (short-lived) maid. She made Tom feel like a heel in the family. For that, the bitch must go down.
  • Stags are quite beautiful animals. It’s a shame they were shooting them in the episode.
  • Bates and Anna are literally the cutest couple. I dare you to watch their picnic scene beneath the trees and not agree with me.
  • Is Edith treading a dangerous path? She appears to be pursuing this relationship she was so disgusted with with her boss, who is married. Yes, his wife is in an asylum, but he is still married.
  • Matthew beaming with pride over his boy. The fact that he was able to have a child, when only four years earlier, he thought he’d never be able to.
  • And then, Matthew dies. Mary is completely oblivious, as is the family. It broke my heart. But I didn’t cry. I teared up when he was beaming at the baby. Call me a sap, but that’s me.

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