I Have Looked at My Term 4 Classes

UPDATE 2/26/13: Unfortunately, I am stuck taking Humanities I. I just loved my Advisor’s email. 

And holy hell, it’s going to be interesting. I am essentially learning the same things, but in different areas. Humanities covers the music and artwork of the periods from early civilization to the 16th century, while Western Civilization covers the wars and philosophies of those same periods. I kind of wish I could have taken Western Civilization II or Humanities II, because those are areas I am more comfortable in with regards to artwork and building empires or kingdoms.

I also have major projects in both classes. For my ice-breaker in Humanities, I have to look at the artworks in the first module and identify one I liked and what I liked about it. I am going to see if I am able to take Humanities II without needing Humanities I, because I am not a fan of Pre-1500 art.

My Western Civ. teacher is just who I thought he was, and he’s nice-looking. He’s also a HUGE history nerd. Totally my type. Don’t worry though: I am not looking to get with my Instructor, who is currently studying for his PhD.

I just emailed my Advisor, strongly hoping she can get me into Intro to Humanities II, which can be taken independently of Humanities I (thank God). I added it to my preferred list of classes, and hope she emails me back tomorrow.


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