This is Scary

I have my superstitions. I may not be Catholic, but there are two things directly tied to that religion and other religions that I strictly believe in.

  1. The Devil’s number. You know, three 6’s? I avoid them like the plague. When I had to work on June 6, 2006, I was working the jewelry counter at my job. I spent the whole night making sure the crosses in the displays weren’t turning upside down. I told my boss (who was a Catholic and had a sense of humor) that if any of the crosses upturned, I was walking out of the store and not coming back. Thankfully, nothing demonic happened.
  2. Crosses being upside down. I see them in a store, I fix them. There is just something inherently evil about crosses being upside down. You can blame The Exorcist for this. I watched that movie, and I have been ridiculously strict about crosses I see being right-side up ever since.

So, when I saw this on my dashboard, I knew I had to fix this problem. As I write this, I am freaking out.



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