I have caught the flu. Lucky frickin’ me, just before an intensive 8-week Fourth Term is about to begin. I am taking it easy, remaining hydrated and watching Season Three of True Blood and movies on my laptop. It’s just regular flu, but it still is annoying as heck.

Season 2 of the aforementioned show is still ridiculous. It’s a wonder I made it through Season 2 in 2009 without causing bodily harm to myself. The only shining moments of it were Jason’s great revelation about the Newlin’s, Eric tricking Sookie into sucking his blood, the subsequent sexual dreams she had starring Eric, and Eric being all sorts of creepy with Arlene’s kids. I am now in Season 3, remembering how much of a jerk Franklin Mott was to Tara. As much as I hated him, I also liked his obsessiveness. Plus, I am this close to seeing Eric’s flashback to his family life (that way I’m not spoiling anything).

I got another review/critique on my short scene (which I need to screen-cap, for those moments when you have self-doubt), and it made me smile.



My IT instructor has yet to grade my final DB post, but I doubt it will raise my final grade above an 84%. I am just glad to have passed with a “B” average like I had hoped. My sister took her Psych Final and bombed it. She still has a B in the class, but it was entertaining.


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