My Winter Poem

As spring is quickly upon our heels, I present to you my winter poem. It was written for my Creative Writing class, and this is the revised edition. As of when I wrote this at 6:56 pm Sunday evening, the portfolio had yet to be graded. I don’t know if when I awaken tomorrow that I will still be able to view my courses like I could the last time, so I may never know the final grades in IT or CW. I was originally going to post this next month for my National Poetry Month posts, but I decided this was a better choice. I hope you like it!


The night air stings.
As if dozens of pins are
pressed into the frozen flesh
of my once-warm face.

As I walk the lonely snow-laden roads,
I can smell the various fires that burn inside,
Making me wish I were with a warm cup of caramel coffee.
Its velvety sweetness calls me back softly.

The sky resembles the darkest of my fears:
menacing, foreboding, and whispering
of nightmares not yet unleashed.
Some nights the sky has a white shadow,
as though the mountains of snow illuminate
the sky like a beacon.

I can hear the wind howl
beyond the window.
It cries in anguish,
like it too; is disturbed by the cold.

I can smell pine trees soaked by the melting snow,
The softness of their droplets,
And the beauty they possess.

I may tire of the mundane,
sparkling white-turned-muddy-gray snow
by spring,
but I shall always adore
the glow and bite
of a cold winter’s night.


13 Replies to “My Winter Poem”

    1. I love writing. If I could do it all the time without people making a fuss about my being occupied with it, I would.

      1. Well, I think you shouldn’t let your instructor influence you either way. Writing is interpreted differently by different people and I really like your stuff. So you should keep writing and not worry about what others feel. I’m going send you instructor an e-mail and yell at her/him!

    2. Thank you. I’d love for you to do that. She didn’t offer any changes she wanted for the drama scene, but in the portfolio assignment, she said that they could have spent less time looking for the gym bag. I went back to be sure I hadn’t missed the comment, but she never said that. I was so annoyed.

      1. Don’t get discouraged, my teachers did the same thing. Mine were actually helpful and when I got my writings back all marked up I spent like a lot of time trying to make it better and learn. I just write for myself and if others enjoy it then it’s just an extra bonus.

      2. Yeah. Everyone else loved the scene. I loved it, and I love the story that I am writing with the same characters.

      3. I noticed I put a it’s instead of its in my last comment & now it’s getting me mad .__. lol

        Well, I expect all 44! lol

      4. Oh I didn’t even notice! And I’m an English major. One slip-up isn’t the end of the world. Once it’s done, I shall post it.

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