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More Sneaky-Peeks

I love sharing this story with you all. Especially in bits and pieces. So, here is another sneak peek. 

Also just a warning: this contains the beginnings of a love scene. If that isn’t your forte, don’t read on.

Something told Eoin he should pop his head into Matt’s classroom before the last class. Matt was seated at his desk, a piece of paper tightly in his hand.

“What’s that?”
“A note from Headmaster MacDougal,” Matt replied as a student entered the room. “He needs to ‘discuss’ my request for time off further.”

Eoin’s face turned pink.

“That fucking arsehole Tony did this. He just couldn’t let you go to a funeral with your boyfriend in peace. He’s got to make waves where there needn’t be any. Ce cochon putain de fou me dérange pas trop.
“Chut. Nous partageons certains élèves.”
”Je ne m’inquiète pas. Que l’homme est le Diable. Il pense qu’il est Dieu, mais il est loin de là.”
“I have to go to Headmaster MacDougal’s office after class,” Matt whispered, putting the note in his briefcase.
“You’re not going alone, mate. I am coming too.”
“You don’t have to. This is my fight.”
“Tony needs to know that we’re tired of his acting like a tyrant. It has to stop. I’ll see you after class,” Eoin smiles, departing the classroom, waving to his students.


Matt and Eoin walked down the stairs towards Jeff MacDougal’s office. Matt felt like he was being sent to the Headmaster’s Office for being a naughty boy. They both could see that Anthony was already in the office, his arms folded in silent amusement. Eoin wanted to punch his face, but Matt again stopped him with an arm.

“It has come to light Matthew, that this leave of yours might be for other purposes than attending a funeral with a friend.”
“I assure you, Jeff I am going to a funeral with a friend.”
“Headmaster MacDougal, did Mr. Collins inform you that this friend he’s going with is his boyfriend?”

Headmaster MacDougal looked up at Matt. “Is this true, Matthew?”
“It is, yes.”
“You see, Headmaster? He admits it. He’s probably not going to a funeral, but on some lover’s holiday.”
“I didn’t mention the details because I don’t bring my personal life into my workplace. I felt that it was no one’s business that I was escorting my boyfriend to a funeral.”
“You don’t bring your personal life into the workplace?” Anthony begins laughing wildly. “Is that why everyone with the exception of Headmaster MacDougal knows about your fancy boyfriend?”
“Listen, I have friends that work here. They have met Aidan, and they like him. I cannot help it if they talk about it with other people.”
“Justify it however you want, Collins. I just don’t think it’s right that you ditch your students right after the winter holiday to go on a holiday with your gay pet.”
Eoin lunged at Anthony, who jumped back into a wall while Matt put Eoin into a hold.
“Tony, I am sorry you find my sexuality a threat, and therefore have to make my taking a week off to help my boyfriend grieve the loss of his grandmother so sullied. I assure you this is no holiday. I am going to a new environment with my grieving boyfriend, who is sitting at home with Chinese food in his lap, most likely sobbing at an episode of Doctor Who.”
Tony was stunned into silence. Eoin was still seething, and Matt could feel it, keeping a tight hold on Eoin’s body.
“Well, gentlemen, it seems I must make the final decision. I have to take my wife out to dinner for her birthday, so I will render my final decision tomorrow after classes.”

Matt and Tony both nod, as Headmaster MacDougal walks past them. Once sure he was gone, Matt released his hold on Eoin, who flew into Tony’s face, his nose at Tony’s.

“I am not going to hurt you,” he snarled. “I am just going to offer you a warning: make another hateful comment like that, and I won’t be able to hold myself back. Not even Matt will be able to protect you.”

Tony looked at Matt, who was readjusting his bag.

“Oh, don’t look at me. I won’t hold him back the next time. You ought to be grateful that I restrained him. He likes going to the gym and hitting the bag from time to time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get home to my boyfriend. See you tomorrow, Tony.” Matt spoke calmly, walking past Tony, who was still frozen to the wall with Eoin breathing angrily at him.

As Matt passed through the door, Eoin snapped back, walking out behind Matt. As they walked to the parking lot, they began laughing.

Aidan stumbled through the door, falling onto the closest bed. Matt laughed boisterously, loosening his tie. Aidan groaned loudly, kicking his shoes off his feet.

“I think I’m going to walk over to the Centra on the corner. I want some Skittles and a soda.”
“They have that in the lobby,” Aidan replied.
“Yeah, for £5,” Matt countered. “I can go to Centra and get both for that amount. Do you want anything?”
“Yes, I do. Come and sit beside me for a minute,” Aidan requested, patting the spot on the bed next to him. “I want to thank you for everything you’ve done in the last week and some odd days.” Matt began to speak. “Don’t say anything—I just wanted to say thanks. I don’t know how I could have got through this experience without you or Eoin being there along the way. You have no idea how comforting it has been having you two by my side throughout the day.”
“It was no trouble, Aidan. Eoin and I were simply being there for you, offering you four lovely shoulders to lean or cry on. We know you’d do the same thing for us.”

Aidan lightly stroked Matt’s face, making Matt’s eyes close in response. He slowly leaned in, feeling Matt’s breath on his face, and pressed his lips to Matt’s. Matt gasped, and brought a hand up to cradle Aidan’s head, his fingers running up into Aidan’s hair. The kiss intensified, leading Matt to lean in closer, and Aidan fell backward. Matt positioned himself over Aidan, bringing both of his hands to caress his face. Aidan responded by wrapping his leg around one of Matt’s, his foot caressing his calf.

Matt moaned into Aidan’s mouth, remembering how good it felt to be like this with him. And as he was lost in this sea of human passion at its finest, he realized why he was in a hotel with Aidan, and shot up onto his knees.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Matt gasped, his hands settling on his thighs. “You’re in mourning. I shouldn’t take advantage of your grief. This is the grief making you do this.”
“Matthew, we haven’t had sex in over two weeks. For you, that’s a long time. It’s not the grief, I swear. I just need to feel something other than the pain for a little while. You just happen to help diminish that.”
“Thank you…I think,” Matt stammered. “You do realize that you just admitted the grief is causing you to throw yourself at me?”
“Matt, could you do me one favor tonight and stop being the sensible one since I checked out because of my granny’s death? I just want you to fuck me senseless, to make me forget for just a few minutes that granny is gone. Do you think you can do that, or is that a problem?”

Matt sat there, stunned in silence. He was a bit hurt by Aidan’s tone of voice, and dually turned on by it as well. Matt rocked backward, moving off of Aidan and to the edge of the mattress. Aidan huffed, throwing his head back against a pillow. Matt stood up, taking off his tie and belt, pulling his shirt out of his pants and unbuttoning the cuffs. He looked back at Aidan, who had covered his eyes with his hands and was taking deep cleansing breaths—an effect of his yoga classes, and he was just as quickly moving Aidan’s hands and kissing his mouth hungrily.


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